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Wellness Care

Many of our patients choose our clinic as a healthcare option as opposed to just a pain care option.  Your entire body is controlled by your brain and nervous system.  Your brain and spinal cord are protected by your skull and spinal bones.  We focus on keeping pressure off the nerves exiting your spinal cord and going to every part of your body.  As a result, our wellness chiropractic care helps keep the body functioning optimally. 


We work with many families and have helped every age, infant to elderly, achieve positive health changes.


Our training includes nutrition counseling, exercise physiology, injury rehabilitation and other wellness topics. Chiropractors are wellness experts who help patients improve their health, recover from injury, and achieve wellness goals.

A four-year study, “Clinical and Cost Outcomes of an Integrative Medicine IPA,” published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics demonstrates that individuals who use chiropractic and other integrative medicine experienced significantly greater wellness than non-users. The study concluded that when compared with normative conventional medicine independent practice association, those who use chiropractic or other integrative medicine:

  • Saw a decrease of 43.0% in hospital admissions

  • Experienced 58.4% fewer hospital days

  • Had 43.2% fewer outpatient surgeries and procedures

  • Reduced pharmaceutical costs by 51.8%

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