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Our Team


Dr. Terah McClain


Dr. Terah decided at a young age that she would one day be a Chiropractor.  Her Uncle was a Chiropractor in Canada and from her first adjustment, she loved the career.  Dr. Terah did her internship with a pediatric and women's issue Chiropractor in Minneapolis.  She has expanded on her areas of healthcare to also be able to offer Restorative Muscle Manipulation and Chirothin Weight Loss to her patients.


Dr. Michael McClain


Dr. Mike is originally from Sparta, Wisconsin.  Discovering Chiropractic was a lucky accident for him.  He suffered with chronic neck pain and immune system problems that he simply attributed to his genetics.  Chiropractic gave him an option to change those things.  He has since made Chiropractic both his career and his way of life.  Dr. McClain is certified in Chiropractic, physiotherapy, nutrition counselling and was a member of the sports advisory counsel that assisted Olympic and professional athletes.  He loves to teach people about health, wellness and stress management and frequently speaks at community talks and businesses.

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