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When an individual strains muscle or a pulls a ligament or tendon, trauma is caused to the affected soft tissues.  Trauma can occur from a specific injury or from repetitive stress to soft tissues.  Either form of trauma can result in scar tissue and fascia restrictions.  Dr. Terah offers a variety of manual therapies to treat these injuries and break down the scar tissue and fascia restrictions caused by soft tissue trauma.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Decreased Muscle and Tendon Pain

  • Improved Mobility

  • Improved Flexibility

  • Increased Blood Supply to Injured Tissues

  • Faster Healing of Injured Tissue

  • Increased Oxygen to Injured Tissues

  • Breaks up scar tissue

  • Restores Function and Strength

  • Reduces Pain and Increases Function.  

Restorative Muscle Manipulation

Dr. Terah McClain, DC, BSc


Patient Testimonials

Ryan Hanson

Age 48, Teacher



Playing basketball and other sports activities with my two sons decreased as well  because of the pain.  If I sat for any length of time, the pain would cause me to limp when I got up and made me feel old.



By the time I came to Dr. Terah, I had seen 2 physical therapists as well as a podiatrist.  I had done rehab, orthotics, stretching, tons of ibuprofen and, as I mentioned, a walking boot for 6 or 8 weeks.  At one point I was also told to not walk at all and greatly limit my activities.  After all of that, I still didn’t feel any better.


My biggest fear was that I would need surgery and would be laid up in a cast and would have to miss out on more things and that it would be a long recovery process on top of everything I had already done.


After dealing with this pain for 3 years, I was at a point where I didn’t think it would ever get better and I was just going to have to live with this forever.


Both of my physical therapists and my podiatrist all agreed that surgery was my last and only option.



After everything I had tried, I was very skeptical that Dr. Terah could help me.  But, Dr. Terah is amazing and after 3 years with almost no relief or progress, all my pain is now gone. 


I don’t have any pain and feel that I am back to 100%.  I am back to playing sports with my kids, riding snowmobiles and motorcycles…all pain free.

This past fall I was able to hike into a remote area, harvest an elk and pack it out. And, even the next day,  I still had no Achilles pain!


Before seeing Dr. Terah, I also had a golf ball sized lump in my calf.  The physical therapist I saw previously said it was the biggest lump he had ever seen in an Achilles.  After Dr. Terahs work, it is now totally gone.


Sometimes people have a stigma about what is considered alternative medicine but, now I am a complete believer.  I would tell people to give it a try.


After 3 years of trying, Dr. Terah was my last resort before doing surgery.  I’m so glad I came to see her!

Ryan Hanson.jpg


I had Achilles and calf pain for about 3 years.  I can’t point to one specific injury, I believe it was multiple little injuries over many years.  Eventually, I was diagnosed with a tear in my Achilles.

I am a teacher and also have a lawn mowing business that I run in the summers.  Walking behind the lawn mower became painful and I even had to do it with a walking boot at one point.

I am also an avid outdoorsman and hunter.  Hikes       (especially climbing steep terrain) were difficult and the following day was very painful and difficult to walk.

Natural Model

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